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RE: Temporarily moving tanks

Hi Sylvia,

How about just removing enough water that the tank and stand can be lifted
one inch (maybe by two people), onto those teflon sliders?  They are great;
they have adhesive on one side and allow you to move very heavy things very
easily by sliding the object across carpets and floors.  It seems to me,
that would be a relatively stress-free way to move a tank without taking it
off the stand or anything.  If you can leave enough water in the tank, the
fish could even stay in.


> I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on temporarily moving tanks for a
> re-carpeting day.
> I have 3 tanks set up in the living room. A 55 gallon tank on a wooden
> stand, and a 29 gallon sitting atop an iron stand, with a 20 gallon below
> it. All three have to be removed temporarily in May for re-carpeting. The
> installers won't touch fish tanks. All are heavily planted, with
> accompanying deep gravel levels. I'd really much prefer not to go ripping
> out plants to remove gravel as well as water, yet I realize the gravel
> contributes significantly to the weight of the tanks. Actually, if I could
> leave a few inches of water, the fish and the plants I'd be really happy,
> but I realize that may not be feasible.