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Anacharis illegal???

I've been combating algae in my 30gal planted tank pretty much since I got
it last September and heard a few good things about Anacharis'
(Elodea/Egeria Densa) fast growth and ability to out-compete algae for
nutrients. I used to have problems with a variety of algae but I've got most
of it under control except green algae which has layered 90% of the surface
area of all my plant's leaves (as well as the insides of the glass).

Adding algae eaters in sufficient size/quantity to do the job is really not
an option at the moment as my tank is pretty much fully stocked.

So I went to my LFS with the intention of buying some Anacharis to replace
some of the unhealtier (ie. dying) plants in my aquarium (this is at Big
Al's in Mississauga/west of Toronto btw if anyone wants to know). So I ask
one of the roving employees for Anacharis by name, which he said he never
heard of, at which point I tell him the scientific name, which he's never
heard of either. So he consults with another guy and comes back and tells me
that it's illegal and that the closest thing they have to it is Hornwot

So now I'm thinking where am I supposed to get this plant? Is it really
illegal? I just find it kind of hard to believe that such a popular plant
would somehow be illegal in the entirety of Canada. Another reason why I
find the information suspect is that I plainly spot Anacharis growing in one
of their display tanks but of course its "not for sale" which really
confuses me.

I would immensely appreciate it if anyone could tell me if this guy knows
what he's talking about and where else I would be able to buy some Anacharis
in the Toronto area - specifically around the Mississauga/west end.