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No Subject

     I recently switched filtration on my 140 gal. heavily planted tank. The
change was made not because I was unhappy with the system I had --- two
Fluval 404 msf filters that I had plumbed in this almost 7 ft. long tank to
exhaust at one end of the tank at the bottom & draw from the other end at
the bottom --- but because I have arthritis, and the labor of getting these
large filters out from under the cabinet and the work of cleaning them
became almost impossible for me.
       I was very interested in changing to the aqua - clear 500's -- one at
each end. Now I realized that two of these large power filters were going to
produce some amazing turbulence--coupled with the fact that there is also
two small power - heads located mid-tank to help with circulation and I was
really concerned about maintaining the co2 level in this tank, which I like
to keep at between 15 to 25 ppm.
     At any rate I had to do this, and proceeded with the change. At that
time I had to decide how to apply the co2 that had previously been
administered via eheim's diffuser in front of the rear exhaust from one of
the Fluvals. I moved it to one of the power head in -takes and turned the
deflector as far down as it would go. This is Dave Gomberg's system, and I
had it fine tuned to maintain exactly the ph I desired and was really
concerned about messing things up -- it had worked flawlessly for 6 months.
    The results? Boy do I have turbulence!! The co2? No effect on co2 right
away. After a week the ph started to rise -- but only from 6.8 to 7.0. I
adjusted the regulator from the 10 lbs. it had been at to the 11.5 lbs it
has been currently set at for  last 2 months, and the ph  back to the happy
6.8 to 6.9 where I like to see it. I have experimented a little with the
system, and found that I can adjust the ph to just about any setting I
    A plus to this whole experience, above the simplicity of filter
maintenance and relief to my poor joints, is that the over-all health of the
tank has improved! A lot of algae problems have been correct - ed, and the
fauna seem happier!!
    If anyone is interested in two Fluval 404's, used 6 months, in fine
running order -- contact me off the list.