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Re:O2 and CO2 solubility

i don't know what exactly is said in limnology but, 
unless i'm gravely mistaken, it makes no chemical sense
 for co2 to be very soluble in water or for O2 not to be
 soluble.  oxygen is a very polar molecule and forms 
hydrogen bonds with water very easily.  carbon dioxide,
 despite carying two polar oxygen groups, is actually a 
linear molecule and ends up have very little dipole 
moment.  it is therefore hydrophobic.  as for
 "diffusivity", the diffusion constant for oxygen in 
water is, if i remember correctly, on the order of 
10^-15, ie very very very fast.  i have witnessed this 
myself from fluorescence quenching experiments.  if, on 
the other hand, we are talking about diffusion through 
membranes, it is true that co2 will pass readily through
 a membrane for exactly the reason it is not readily 
soluble in water.  all of this discussion is, however, 
largely inaccesible and totally unnecessary in the face
 of the common wisdom on the mailing list.  that's my 
two cents