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Re: Denton's water

Cheryl Hoffman wrote:

> In the 10-gallon tank, the plants are almost exclusively crypts and are
> growing well, if not madly. Lots of babies. The tank is so stuffed that the
> fish are forced to slalom through the tank. The hygro is struggling due to
> lack of light.
> In the 30-gallon tank, the plants grow as long as I stay on top of the green
> water. The melon swords have recently put out a couple of leaves as big as my
> hand. The E. quadristaticus in front are sending out new leaves and runners.
> The brazilian pennywort has to be trimmed every week.

Your plants seem to be growing pretty well, so whatever the problem is,
it can't be too severe.  You should probably tailor your response to the
magnitude of the problem -- no real big changes.  Doing one change at a
time usually helps isolate problems.  It would be interesting (well, for
me anyway; I'm not the one hauling water) to see what happens just from
using Denton's water as all or part of your next few water changes.

Roger Miller