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Will ramshorn snails eat my plants?  If it matters any, the plants in
question are Ludwigia repens, Egeria densa (is that right? or is it
Elodea densa), Cabomba caroliniana, Didiplis diandra, Echinodorus sp.
"Ozelot", a tiny bit of Vesicularia dubyana, and Sagittaria subulatta.
Sorry for any misspellings.

If they won't eat my plants (or even if they will), do they eat algae?
All I have are a few tiny green spots on the back glass, but will they
eat that? If not, do I need to feed them, and what? Of course, if they
will eat my plants these are all moot, as they won't go in anyway (they
are living in my quarantine tank now).