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Re: Subdued life plants and CO2 question

> A brief inquiry regarding the needs of the Javas; fern and moss, for CO2,
>  went unanswered. I have a container for subdued plants with my best guess
>  "subdued light" level. Do I need to add a CO2 FIY injector for optimum
>  growth? (Second request for information). Thanks,

Sorry your first inquiry went unanswered.  Slow-growing plants such as Java 
Fern & Moss don't benefit much, if at all, from supplemental CO2.  When kept 
in subdued light, their photosynthesis occurs so slowly that it doesn't 
matter.  Supplementing CO2 with any plant is not of much benefit unless the 
light levels are such that the plant is photosynthesizing.  To gain maximum 
benefit from supplemental CO2, you need to provide "adequate" light, 
nutrients, and CO2, all at the same time.  If you're missing one of these 
things, the other won't make a lot of difference.  By the way, I'm presuming 
that FIY above is a typo and you meant to say DIY.  If FIY stands for 
something, then I've not heard of it and need a clarification.