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Re: Driftwood

> My question to the group is this.  Even after six months of being soaked in
> changed baths in a 72 gallon garbage can, it is still leeching out brownish
> tannins into the water.  Should I continue to soak this wood this way, or
> will these tannins be a problem in the tank no matter how long it is soaked?
> Will these in any way adversely effect the fish or plants in my tank?
I wouldn't worry about it. I throw my driftwood in tanks right off the
bat. Yes they do leach a lot of tannins. This is easily fixed by
frequent water changes. The amounts of tannins released dissipate over
time. It also helps motivate me to do water changes.

I have never tried soaking my wood in bleach, I either autoclave it or
run it through the dish washer (without detergent) several times. The
method I use depends on the source of the wood. Fresh water wood gets
the autoclave, salt and dry (not from a fresh water area) wood gets the
dish washer.

A lot of my wood is several years old. This stuff makes no noticeable
difference in the water color.


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