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Re: Ca and Mg level question

Craig Wuepper wrote:

> I just tested my water with a Hach test kit for total hardness, Ca and Mg
> (Mg by differential).
> My results were:
> Total Hardness: 80 mg/l or 4.46 grains/gallon (this is the same as GH,
> right?)

Grains/gallon can be thought of as an "American degree".  It's a hair
smaller than the German degrees that we use more often.  Rather than
confusing things with more sorts of degrees it's probably better to
stick with reporting results in mg/l.

> Ca: 60 mg/L
> Mg: 20 mg/L
> Is this a good level and ratio of Ca and Mg?  If not, what is an ideal
> level?

Looks fine to me.
> Does anyone think I should be experimenting with MgSO4?

You don't need to, and it probably won't do your plants any good.  But
feel free; experiment away and let us now what happens :).

Roger Miller