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Powerheads, suggestions for model & GPH

I've got one powerhead running (Perfecto 200 GPH) in my 7' 200 gallon tank.
I like what the flow does to the H. angustifolia on that side of the tank.
The other side doesn't really get any of the current though so I was looking
for another powerhead to get things flowing on that side.  Any suggestions
on model and GPH?  I would also like to find something that produces as
little heat as possible.  I also have a Fluvall 404 on this tank but it's
flow is directed downward through a gravel washer that serves as my CO2
diffusion chamber.  If I add a second powerhead (on the opposite side of the
tank) would it be better to put it lower than the first to keep the water in
a circulation pattern?

Gary Lange
gwlange at mindspring_com