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Re: damn rubber thingies (suction cups)

The usual suction cups are made from a vinyl, which wants to be rigid. I 
suspect the plasticizer materials gradually leach out over time and the 
material gets hard and then can't "stay stuck". I usually start to have 
problems after about 1-2 years.

The best I've found to date are the suction cups you can get for use with 
Visitherm heaters. They are sold separately as replacement parts and can 
probably be used with other items. Silicone would be the best material I 
would think, but I've never seen suction cups made from it.


>can someone tell me why those rubber thingies with suction cups used to stick
>thermometers or heaters to the glass usually stop working very soon?  where
>can i buy new ones for my heaters and the intake tube of the filters?  can
>the suction cups be fixed?