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Addresses for Wright (OT SPAM)


This is to answer to all the questions I'm getting off list.

I recently changed my "Reply To:" and my .sig to wright at killi_net, in
anticipation of firing AT&T @home and getting a DSL provider.
[Unfortunately, the .com crash wiped out my designated DSL source, so I am
looking for another. :-(]

Meanwhile, I'll try to keep the wright at killi_net (and maybe
wright at bettas_org) current to whatever provider I am using at the moment. If
you wish to put me in your address books, that way, it may save multiple
changes, down stream.

See my .sig for the best killy content, anyway. ;-) [Simple apologies to
plant, shrimp, Betta, etc. folk, for cluttering the lists.]


Wright Huntley, Fremont CA, USA, 510 494-8679  wright at killi dot net


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