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Re: v hard water + plants

> << Hi.  My tap water runs with a GH of 15 and the same
>  with the KH.  Is this too hard for most plants?
> That's pretty hard, but using 50:50 with distilled water should make it
> You may find it cheaper to invest in a water softener filter in the long

nah, just go with the tap - I've got 12dGH and 13dKH, with a pH in the mid
7's to 8... that's a well for ya'  You'll need more co2 to make the plants
happy (I run 2 yeast bottles on my 20H with 3w/g to get pearling) but
they'll grow just fine.  I've got green camboda, wisteria, tropical sunset
hygro, rotala indica, crypt wendtii and balansae, mystery crypt (from
wal-mart, probably more wendtii), dwarf sag, water sprite, anubias nana,
aponogteon (mystery sp, from wal-mart), some kind of val, mystery swords
(too tiny for me to ID at this point, but one should be e. major), and what
I think is sagitaria platyphyla all growing well.
The camboda I got from a LFS on city water, and it seemed to have to go
through an acclimation period, but now it's growth is taking off and is very
Just persevere, and follow the usual methods, good plants are definately
possible in your water.

Derek Johnson
djohnson181 at yahoo_com