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> Two problems I have are that 1)I only have a DIY CO2 setup, so my levels are
> usually too low. 

Look around for better methods of injection and or add another bottle since
it doesn't cost that much.

> Also, 2)my PMDD never seems to register on my nitrate test, even if I put
> quite a few doses in
> a glass of water.  Is there something wrong with my PMDD?  (I've used two
> different brands of
> test.) 

You sure your Nitrate test kits is good? You sure your adding KNO3 etc?

> I do think I've caused this problem by overdosing, and have cut way
> back, to less than
> one drop per 10 gallons per day.

This is a 90 gallon tank. You should really consider a gas tank and lose the
DIY CO2 method. I did it and had a 100% efficient reactor and other things
to maximize CO2 levels and even with 4 bottles going and being changed often
it was hard to keep up. You'll save money after a year or two actually not
including your own labor cost and time messing with it. Look around for a
5-10lb tank etc for cheap and then get a regulator from Keg Works, Gomberg
etc add a needle valve(I think Dave now has these added) or you can get a
valve from Monolith Marine. That won't set you back too much.
> "Is it slimy to the touch and can it be rubbed off the leaves to some degree"
> No, its definitely not BGA or some other slime like algae.  It is quite firmly
> attached, a fur
> coat, as it were.

SAE's will attack it. So will bushy nose pleco's.

Tom Barr