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I have a piece of driftwood about 3 feet by 6 inches by 2 inches.  I picked
it up in a pet store where it was being sold as "Reptile Wood"  .  Before I
started to prepare it it was streaked on the outside with dark and light
brown bands.  After being soaked in a bleech water mixture for six months,
the light brown has turned a creamy white.  The surface is gnarled and
twisted and it doesn't look like any wood I have seen locally
(noertheasterns U.S.)   It doesn't appear to be from a softwood tree.

My question to the group is this.  Even after six months of being soaked in
changed baths in a 72 gallon garbage can, it is still leeching out brownish
tannins into the water.  Should I continue to soak this wood this way, or
will these tannins be a problem in the tank no matter how long it is soaked?
Will these in any way adversely effect the fish or plants in my tank?  I
have a 90 gallon planted with Echinodorus and a few varies of Crypts.

Thanks in advance.

Tom Zaccone