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Re: How long does the Fluorite last?

   I haven't grown sword plants, but they've a reputation for needing
a rich substrate.  For example, see "Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #250" at:
I wonder if you're seeing nitrate deficiency, rather than a transition
from emersed to submersed growth.  Given that neither Flourish nor 
Flourish tabs contain nitrates or phosphates, the tabs may not help.  
I'd guess this is an application for the Jobs palm & fern spikes 
occasionally mentioned here.  My sense is that while a Flourite 
substrate needn't be replaced for years, fertilization for heavy root 
feeders is recommended.  Those who grow swords will no doubt also 
Rockville, Md

"Catherine"<CDELAHUNT at aol_com> wrote:
> I planted my first tank not long ago, and things seem to be growing well.  I 
> used Fluorite as my substrate and was wondering when I should start putting 
> in the Flourish tabs that I got with the plant order.  I have noticed the 
> sword plants yellowing, but figured it was probably because they were grown 
> emersed.  How long before the Fluorite is tapped out?  Would it hurt anything 
> to put in some of the Flourish tabs?