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Re: Bettas

<< My bettas were more active in a planted tank.  Unlike those poor bored
 specimens that begin to look half dead in the tiny bottles of the fish
      Good luck and enjoy the beauty and diverse behaviors of your bettas. 
 There is more to them than just fighting.  And they are more beautiful as
 they swim and play in the lush vegetation of a well planted tank.
      Diana   >>

Amen, they are a joy to watch.  We celebrated the massive planting of our 
tank by rescuing a blue betta from a cup of dirty water in the pet store.  We 
named him "Turk". :o)  It was a memorable experience releasing him into what 
he must have thought was heaven.  Now his favorite activity is to "surf the 
wave" -- he swims right up to the outlet of the canister filter, and lets the 
current carry him across the tank.  Then he does it again. He seems to enjoy 
the circulating water more than any of the other fish.  No wonder after 
sitting in a dirty bowl all his life.
Just my two (off-topic) cents! :oP