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RE: more one water changes & CO2

Thanks for all your sugggestions.  There is no chloramine in our water.
 Recently spoke with the supervising engineer at the water
treatment plant.  He told me that Burlington has never used chloramine -
only chlorine.  The City of Burlington is currently discussing the addition
of chloramine, but it will probably be at least a year.  And he said that
they are required to make public announcement before adding the chloramine.
He also graciously faxed me a complete analysis breakdown of our tap water
that shows the raw and after treatment levels of all the water components.
So - if anyone is not sure of what your local community is doing to the
water - ask'em - they'll tell ya.  And, if you use well water, your local
State Agricultural Extension Agent should be able to do or get a complete
analysis if you give him a sample.

Well, as usual I should have phrased my original question differently.  I
have read that carbon removes more than just the chlorine - but I can't
remember what "other stuff" it takes out - I though it was buffering
but based on what everyone said, it must be something else.  My tap water is
very soft - I don't want to remove anything I don't have to just to get rid
of the chlorine.

I know I can put the tap water straight into the tank with small water
changes - been doing that for over a year - but not with 10 new discus
babies.  I want to maximize their environment for growth and good health and
don't want to expose them to any level of chlorine while growing - hence the
"prep water tank" idea.   Can the chemists on the list tell us what carbon
remove from tap water?  Maybe Greg Morin can speak to this  Ill use Matrix
if I decide to use the carbon.

While we are talking about water - when I use hot/warm water from the tap,
has it's makeup been changed in any way through the hot-water-heater
I am not trying to be "anal" - I just really want to get a handle on
what goes on with the water through these various processes.

And, one more thing.  I am planning on purchasing Dave G.'s CO2 set.  It
to me like the needle valve is already attached to the regulator he sells.
Is it?