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RE: sphagnum moss

Elie had asked about sphagnum moss.  "just wonderning
- has anyone ever tried to grow sphagnum
 moss underwater?  seems like it would make a nice 
aquarium plant"

I reply.  I haven't tried to grow spahgnum moss
submersed.  Emersed, it should do great.  According to
the "Savage Garden" (carnivorous plant book), you can
even get it to start by using the dried sphagnum - not
the shreaded stuff, the whole dried moss fiber.  The
spores are dormant then under proper conditions it
will grow again.  Certainly avoid the decorative
sphagnum - it has dye in it.

A lot of people use the natural dried sphagnum fibers
in the substrate for their aquarium plants.  

If you have some living sphagnum, give it a try.

Good Luck!


newellcr at yahoo_com

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