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Boiling PMDD


:Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 04:50:48 EST
:From: C88gthdr at aol_com
:Subject: Boiling PMDD

:I keep my PMDD in the fridge and little crystals usually form at the
:To melt them down I put the PMDD in the microwave for about two minutes at 
:which point it is boiling pretty well. Does anyone know if this might be
:for any of the minerals in the PMDD. Any other problems people forsee?


==> Minerals, no.  Chelated forms of Fe, probably not a good idea to boil
it.  Also you will lose water in the form of steam, and end up with a more
concentrated solution than you started out with.  Not necessarily a big deal
but you won't be dosing as precisely.  It may be better to submerse your
PMDD bottle in hot water to warm it.