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Re: v hard water + plants

Hi Joel,

<< Hi.  My tap water runs with a GH of 15 and the same
 with the KH.  Is this too hard for most plants?

That's pretty hard, but using 50:50 with distilled water should make it OK. 
You may find it cheaper to invest in a water softener filter in the long run.

 <<Currently I have been using half bottled distilled
 water, and half tap water.  The plants I have are:
 amazon sword
 hygrophila ????(it's big with redish-green leaves)

Hygro polysperma, I bet. I have it too and only just worked out what it is.

<< hygrophila difformis
 green combomba
 another plant I don't know the name, but it has long
 leaves that look like tape, and has a lot of roots. >>

Giant vallis. I have that as well. Its growth habit isn't very much like 
normal Vallis, I must admit.

Although I don't really know the specifics between plants about hardness 
toleration, at least now you know what yoiu have :)