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Yet another new website!

I like to invite you to the new "The Digital Aquarium" Website and
Discussion List:


This site has the friends of South American fish,planted tanks and digital
photography in
I encourage you to use the Guest Album in the Galleria to post your own
fish,tank images.Mr.Gates allowed us to use 30 Megabytes webspace
each(!) for our pictures.You can post links,add,edit and delete your images
from the site.
Use the Discussion List to discuss your favorite SA fish,tanks, digital
camera or photography techniques with your fellow hobbyists.
I'll post my own and sponsors pictures in the managers albums.
I'm still working on adding and organizing all the pictures that I like to
have on this site.This will take a while.Check back often.
I hope this site will soon develop into a thriving community.
Max Gallade',March 2001