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Re: Tetra Initial Sticks

> Dear Sirs:
> Six months ago I set a 30 gal planted aquarium using Tetra Initial
> Sticks and 3-4 mm diameter gravel as substrate, strictly following the
> manfacturer instructions.  I keep the aquarium at pH 7, 25 degC. Plant
> growth is good (not excellent), no major problem with algae and most
> fishes (cardinal tetras, serpae tetras, flame tetras) are very healthy
> and active. The problem I experience is with the bottom feeders
> (corydoras). Every time I have tryied to introduce Corydoras, they begin
> to behave abnormally, loose appetite and die between 48 to 72 hours.  I
> suspect that this might be the substrate used. I would appreciate your
> feedback on this.
> Best Regards
> Santiago Gonzalez


I experienced this problem several years ago. All my other fish appeared to
be doing well, but most (not all) Corydoras would die shortly after
introduction. Those that survived, lost their barbels.

It is not the substrate. You are almost certainly harboring a bacteria
lethal to Corydoras in your tank. In my case, the problem disappeared when I
tore down the tank in question, cleaned and disinfected everything and
started all over again.

You might not find that a very encouraging response. Short of tearing the
tank down and starting over, frequent and large water changes may be of some
help. Or just don't keep Corydoras in this tank.