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Re: Pressurized CO2

> So, here's my question.  When I start using the new CO2 system, I thought I
> would position the Eheim diffuser in front of one of the spray bars to move
> the CO2 along into the current.  The tank is 6' long, but the current takes
> a 12' trip, so to speak.  Will having the CO2 come into the tank at only 1
> end be enough to get the CO2 throughout all the water in the tank?


> I was thinking (I am always thinking - sometimes too much:) of the dividing
> the air line so that I could have a diffuser in front of each spray bar.  If
> I do that, am I putting the SAME amount of CO2 into the tank, just in two
> different locations - or will it DOUBLE the amount of CO2 going into the
> tank?
> Use the same bubble count as normal on each diffuser?  or drop the bubble
> count on both to 1/2 normal count?

Whatever the total bubble count into your tank is, that is how much CO2 you
are putting in. Of course, bubble count is meaningless alone: you will be
referencing it to actual CO2 content of the tank water. Once you know about
how many bubbles you need to achieve a given CO2 level for your system
(e.g., pH/KH ratio), you can keep an eye on things without having to measure
everything all the time.

Personally I would just simplify and have only one bubble counter feeding
into one cannister. Otherwise you'll need two metering valves to control CO2
rate, more plumbing to split things up pre-metering valve, etc. I suppose
you could split the CO2 line after a single bubble counter and send one
outlet to each of the 2 canister filter inlets if you wanted, but I wouldn't
think that would be necessary.

Have fun.

Dan Dixon