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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #903


Thanks for the info, I"m inclined to try them as they
are small–5-10cm TL and should be easy to breed, also
they aren't blessed with humungous claws, more like
small picker claws and they are rather showy. I intend
on putting them in with my Medakas (both are Japanese
natives after all) in my outdoor plastic tub. I have
some Rock Shrimp in another outdoor tub along with
some swordtails and platies that are cold resistant.
It snowed 4 times this year and I've only lost 20 of
them. Of course I've had this group going for the last
15 years, so they must have adapted to the hot Kanto
summers and the cold winters.

Edward Venn
Tokyo Japan

I haven't any experience with them, and they may do
well with your 
(don't know), but you may want to be careful.  You
might notice your 
population decreasing, especially in the dark of


> Has anyone had any experience with freshwater crabs?
> I've recently come across Geothelphusa dehaani, the
> Sawagani or Japanese Stream Crab. These little red
> cream coloured crabs live in the upper reaches of
> Japanese rivers and streams. The young are carried
> term inside the mother and hatch out as fully formed
> minature crabs. I'm thinking of seeing how these
> would do in a planted tank.
> Edward Venn
> Tokyo Japan

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