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Re: Pressurized CO2

Derek Johnson wrote:
<<<Can anyone explain how it

works?  And why it is a fishkiller???

It's not a fishkiller. Tom Wood just has a thing against Dave Gomberg and 
anything that has to do w/ his CO2 system. Tom gets REALLY hot under the 
collar whenever Dave and the components to his CO2 system are mentioned. 
Just a knee-jerk response from Tom. I agree w/ most of what Lobos said in 
reply to your question Derek except for the following -

Lobos wrote:
<<<Unfortunately no diffusor, reactor or
injection into a filtering device that I know of can prevent this
dumping, because it is a failure of the regulator.  >>>

Just wanted to correct what was referred to as a "regulator failure." The 
CO2 dump is not a failure on the part of the regulator. Regulators are 
simply not designed to handle the fluctuations or gradual drop in input 
pressure when liquid CO2 is no longer present in the CO2 cylinder. So since 
it wasn't designed for this, regulators are not a failure when liquid CO2 
runs out. For a regulator to fail it would have to NOT be able to bring down 
the pressure from a PRESET level input level to another lower pressure 
level. It's not the regulator's fault that the preset level changes on it 
and it can't do it's original job.

Lobos outlined 2 ways to prevent this "CO2 dump". Check out 
http://www.aquabotanic.com/regulator.htm for a third way on how to prevent 
the "dump".

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