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Fertilizer: Root/Leaf Growth, Nitrate

My tanked tank has been up and running now for about four months now.  Everything is
stable and the fish are doing fine.  PH is around 7.0 and KH is 8, thus my CO2 is around
15-20 ppm.  No ammonia, no nitrite, and no nitrate.  192 watts of light in a 75 gallon

I have put a Jobe spike into the gravel here and there.  One thing that I have noticed
recently is that I seem to be getting lot of root growth out of my plants (roots growing
out of the shoots of the plants) but not as much leaf growth (new shoots).

I have never added any water column fertilizers but am tossing around the idea of doing
so.  Is there anything that I should do to promote more growth from my plants?


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