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Re: Initial sticks and Cory's

Hi Santiago,

I sent up a 55g with "Tetra initial sticks" and a 4" substrate.
Had one 4' triton bulb. Planted with Crypts, Swords and Anubias.
The most gorgeous tank you ever seen. I had Swordtails, Mollies,
platys and 12 Cory's. This tank has been up 4 years now. I also
have a 90g with 12 Cory's and I found something very interesting.
I have never done this till I started keeping African Cichlids.
Test the PH of your lfs water before you bring them home. You 
might be surprised how low or high the PH will differ from your
own PH. I bought a PH handheld tester and would test the water
in the bag that I brought the fish home in and my own water. As
I added water from my tank to the bag I would keep testing the
water in the bag. You would be amazed on how long it takes to go
from 7.2 to 8.1. To do this gradually it takes 2-3 hours. Ph shock
is the biggest killer of new fish. Cory's are very hardy, and the 
only thing that I've seen kill them that fast is Ph shock. I'm 
assuming all other parameters are ok. Hope this helps.