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Re: Profile hardens water

According to the folks at Schultz (http://www.schultz.com/), it depends on
which product you are using.

Clay Soil Conditioner (http://www.schultz.com/procc.htm) may harden your
water, because it is designed to be added to soil (plant beds and such). It
is not manufactured under the exacting standards of Aquatic Plant Soil
(http://www.schultz.com/proaqua.htm), which is designed to be used in ponds
and such. Aquatic Plant Soil should not have any effect on your water unless
it is contaminated with other substances.

I don't know how true this is, but it seems possible. I use 100% Aquatic
Plant Soil in all of my tanks and none of them seem to have problems with
hardening of the water. In fact, my 110 gallon tank was set up with just
Aquatic Plant Soil and water for over a week while I waited for plants to
arrive. I tested the water a few times and the water never changed from what
came out of the tap. Go figure.

Jeff Legitt

> >It looks as though Profile does indeed leach substances into the water
> >column.  Maybe with more washings of the Profile prior to using it this
> >effect will be minimized or removed.
> >
> >Many people have grown beautiful plant tanks using Profile, but if you
> >are keeping soft water loving fish in the tank Profile may not be the
> >substrate for you.