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Re: lights

Thomas Barr <tcbiii at earthlink_net> wrote:

> > Thanks for your input Tom. I am inclined to go ahead with your advise and
> > get a 30W Triton to balance out the pinks of the two 55W CFs I have. FYI,
> > the CFs are the new GE Aquaray Fresh and Saltwater bulbs and are 9325K in
> > color.  Thanks again.
> > 
> > Ming

There seems to be some misunderstanding here. The Triton and the GE Aquaray
Fresh & Salt bulbs have a similar pinkish color. You would not balance out
the PCs by adding another bulb with very similar spectrum. Add a full
spectrum bulb instead (GE Sunshine) or even a cool white. Its greenish
tint should balance out the pink nicely.
> Ueewww! I'd go with a 5000K bulb then. Later buy some 5000-6700K range
> replacement PC bulbs when these 9325K's die. You should be okay and all as
> plants are quite flexible in their lighting needs unlike many corals and
> other things that live in very light stable environments. This is one reason
> it really does not matter what color temp your lights are very much for
> plants.
> Whatever the PC's are I tend to add something opposite of them for a
> balance. Most the light seems to be best at the 5-6700K range and some high
> color temp's at low amounts seems to help but I have no hard evidence. Say
> 50-80% 5000-6700K PC's and a triton for the rest of the lighting seems like
> a nice combo. That would give a very nice balance and look. I think you'll
> find the plants will do fine at this color temp of 9325 and adding a 5000K
> will only help for the balance.
> If you have only PC's, a mix of the 5000 and 6700's look and do very well.
> Regards, 
> Tom Barr

I tend to agree with Tom 100%. It seems we both have the same eyes for
aquarium light... My current 46 gal tank has a 5,500 K 55 Watt PC, a 6,700 K
55 Watt PC, and a 30 Watt Aqua Glo, one of the bulbs with the infamous pinkish
hue. So they are at about the same ratio Tom suggests. I like the combo so
much that I'm upgrading the light fixture of my 120 gal with two extra
GE Aquaray FS 55 Watt PCs. Btw, the 9325 K color temp of this bulb is just
a formal figure that bears no relationship with the actual color we see.
Just look to it side by side with a say 10,000 K reef bulb and you'll see
what I mean.

- Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD