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Re: lights

> Thanks for your input Tom. I am inclined to go ahead with your advise and
> get a 30W Triton to balance out the pinks of the two 55W CFs I have. FYI,
> the CFs are the new GE Aquaray Fresh and Saltwater bulbs and are 9325K in
> color.  Thanks again.
> Ming

Ueewww! I'd go with a 5000K bulb then. Later buy some 5000-6700K range
replacement PC bulbs when these 9325K's die. You should be okay and all as
plants are quite flexible in their lighting needs unlike many corals and
other things that live in very light stable environments. This is one reason
it really does not matter what color temp your lights are very much for
Whatever the PC's are I tend to add something opposite of them for a
balance. Most the light seems to be best at the 5-6700K range and some high
color temp's at low amounts seems to help but I have no hard evidence. Say
50-80% 5000-6700K PC's and a triton for the rest of the lighting seems like
a nice combo. That would give a very nice balance and look. I think you'll
find the plants will do fine at this color temp of 9325 and adding a 5000K
will only help for the balance.
If you have only PC's, a mix of the 5000 and 6700's look and do very well.
Tom Barr