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Re: Light-red plants

>I would add a 30 watt triton myself. That would give nice color and 
>spectrum balance, not that much extra electric, won't cost too much, good 
>bulb for plants etc. That's almost 3 watts a gallon which is enough for 
>most any project and there are PC's on it as well which are a bit more 
>intense and penetrate deeper. Mainly a color balance, less change in 
>dosing/pruning and a more even spread of light. One extra bulb won't toss 
>your set up out of whack much also.
Tom Barr

Thanks for your input Tom. I am inclined to go ahead with your advise and 
get a 30W Triton to balance out the pinks of the two 55W CFs I have. FYI, 
the CFs are the new GE Aquaray Fresh and Saltwater bulbs and are 9325K in 
color.  Thanks again.


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