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Re: Potassium Supplementation

> I have a 55 gal, moderately planted tank that is at the end of a fishless
>  cycle. I'm about to put together a PMDD formulation. Any water that comes
>  from my taps has been routed through a water softener, which is 
>  but there's nothing I can do about it since I live in a rental property. I
>  use potassium chloride pellets in the softener instead of sodium chloride.
>  In formulating a PMDD recipe, should I leave out potassium?
It would be nice to know exactly how much potassium is being added to your 
water.  Also, when you don't add potassium nitrate, you lose the nitrate 
component, which can be a problem if you have plants only and no fish in your 
water.  Can you get the landlord to tell you who manufactured the water 
softener?  Perhaps they can tell you how much K+ is in the water.  Or, you 
could always get a K+ test kit and just measure it.