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New subscriber

Hello everybody,

first of all, let me introduce myself, my name is Diego Barbosa and I 
currently live in Port Chester, NY.

Fish tanks and plants have always been my two greatest passions in life, but 
I enjoyed them separately for many years, keeping a freshwater fish tank and 
growing bonsai trees (for about 20 years now), orchids etc. A couple of years 
ago I learned about aquascaping and I loved the idea of putting my two 
passions together in such a wonderful harmony. I started with a 20 gal. 
hexagonal tank and considering that there wasn't any high-tech involved in 
the project, the results were great (a little bit of "green thumb" and lots 
of "beginner's good luck" I guess), and I was very pleased with my beautiful 
planted tank.

I recently moved from Miami to NY and therefore I had to take my tank apart. 
It broke my hart but also gave the opportunity to have a clean start and 
learn how to do it "the right way." I started doing some research on the net, 
learning from the work of many veterans in the hobby (like many of you) and 
this mailing list has been a great source of knowledge. I want to thank you 
all for having such a great community and for taking the time to help novices 
like me, sharing your knowledge. I have been reading many of your postings 
and I have visited the websites that many of you have put together. I have 
very much enjoyed reading and viewing the pictures of your beautiful tanks, 
it has truly been inspirational and motivating.

I apologize in advance for all the questions that I am sure I'll be posting 
in the list, seeking for your advise. I promise to do my best to learn fast 
in order to pass the "stupid beginer-questions" stage as soon as possible and 
start contributing to the list with more valuable things.

I plan to put together a 55 gal planted tank within the next few months, so 
I'll be following the list for information and from time to time you will be 
hearing from me seeking advise.