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Re: biogenic decalcification?

Probably not. I think BD actually raises the KH, not lowers it. Your drop in
KH is more likely due to nitrification, where the nitric acid produced by
bacteria consumes the carbon buffer. It could happen if you haven't changed
the water in a while. But if your plants resorted to BD, it would have to be
because the CO2 level is extremely low. Even if your CO2 concentration is
slightly higher from injection, your plants will not use bicarbonates. And
yes, if your KH falls rapidly, you need change your water more often to
avoid a pH crash.

> Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2001 16:00:37 -0800 (PST)
> From: "L. Merrell" <merrell at u_washington.edu>
> Subject: biogenic decalcification?
> Hi. I posted a few days ago regarding my red melon sword with distorted
> leaves. I measured my various water parameters today and found that my dKH
> had dropped from a usual level of 4-5 down to 1 dKH. Could this be a case
> of biogenic decalcification? My other plants include: cypts, duck weed,
> azolla, glosso, rotala indica, bacopa carolinia, a red lotus and various
> swords.  Should I simply to a water change and watch the KH closely or do
> I need to dose with a carbonate source? Sodium bicarb or calcium
> carbonate?
> Thanks, Laurel
Alex R.