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Re: Lights for a 6x2 tank

> I am contemplating installing four 96 watt, 6700K, 36" long Compact
> fluorescent fixtures as offered by AHS, on a 2' wide by 6' long tank I am
> setting up.  It is 20" deep. I am planning to center each pair of the
> fixtures 6" in from each side, so they will be approx. 1' apart in the
> middle. Can anyone with experience with these fixture packages comment on my
> plans here? The amount of light calcs. out at 2.56 watts/gallon, but with
> their special reflectors, I am wondering if four of the big fixtures would
> be overkill or not.  I intend to grow plants like R. macranda, so I will
> want this to be a high light tank.  Am I in the ballpark???
> TIA,
> Brian Perkins
> West Linn, OR

You can do it with your set up. 20 inches is not that deep. You could go up
to 6 but cost and electrical concerns might be an issue. You can always try
doing a timed set up on the lighting also making all of the lights come on
for only 4 hours and try out something like that if it seems like too much
light. I'd go with a split of colors say a 5000 and 6700K color.
4 or 6 lights will grow the plants you like. I grow R macradra at 2
watts/gallon and some other folks do it at 2.2 to 2.5 not problems but CO2
and nutirents are in good supply.
Tom Barr