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AHS Brite Kits


I am contemplating installing four 96 watt, 6700K, 36" long Compact
fluorescent fixtures as offered by AHS, on a 2' wide by 6' long tank I am
setting up.  It is 20" deep. I am planning to center each pair of the
fixtures 6" in from each side, so they will be approx. 1' apart in the
middle. Can anyone with experience with these fixture packages comment on my
plans here? The amount of light calcs. out at 2.56 watts/gallon, but with
their special reflectors, I am wondering if four of the big fixtures would
be overkill or not.  I intend to grow plants like R. macranda, so I will
want this to be a high light tank.  Am I in the ballpark???


Brian Perkins
West Linn, OR

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