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Re: MTS disappearance

If you have concerns as to what exactly happened to the snails, check your
ammonia and nitrate readings.  I would assume that if there was a 'die off'
then that would show on water quality.  If your Dojo ate them, then the
water should be alright.

I managed to kill off most of my MTS in one tank by using a fish medication
that was a mixture of all sorts of nasty garbage which I then promptly
tossed in the garbage because it did no good for the fish either.  Just one
of those stupid things one resorts to when one purchases fish from an lfs
that should not have had a price label on the tank because they were not
healthy. :(  (how to annoy a customer in one easy step.....)

Gabriella Kadar

+AD4-have you dug around in the substrate?  Once my loaches realized that snails
+AD4-were yummy, the MTS's vanished right away, but the larger ones will
+AD4-occasionally surface, and the substrate is full of little ones and other
+AD4-big ones.  They also venture out more at night.  Just another thought.

+AD4-My other suspect would be a dramatic loss of hardness, but you don't have
+AD4-hat.  Did someone spill salt in the tank?  +ADs--+AD4-

+AD4-of course, I've had a 2-week loss of snails in non-loached tanks when I've
+AD4-cut back on feedings as well.