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Re: Anachris melting

Beverly Shutes <heavensabvus at yahoo_com> wrote:
> Anyone have experience with Anachris (I think "Elodea
> Densa")?
> When I bought a bunch of stalks one month ago they was
> very robust looking, with big leaves.  After planting
> they started growing like crazy.  After shooting up,
> the leaves very quickly started shrinking.  Now all
> the shoots are long and skinny with little, sparse
> leaves.  Furthermore, some of them uprooted and I saw
> that many stalks had never developed any roots and the
> bottoms were just rotting/melting.
> Anyone have any idea what type of deficiency would
> cause this?  I am guessing that they used up something
> quickly.

Hi Beverly,
What about light or hardness?  Perhaps your stock was 
originally grown under full sunlight?  See for example: