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Freshwater and salt?

I have seen many places that recommend a small amount of salt be added to
Freshwater aquariums to help with the fish, how valid is this practice?  I
have found one particular brand...Doc wellfish's Aquarium salt for
freshwater fish...supposedly reduces stress, improves gill function, blah,
blah, blah.  How does a small amount affect plants?  Does the benefit
outweigh the problems that may arise from the plants not liking the sodium?
One LFS that I particularly like recommends it highly, but they don't keep
any plants in their fish tanks, and although their fish seem very healthy
and with vibrant colors, their plant tanks are not doing so well...infact I
don't buy plants from them, but I do like their fish stock.

How can I measure the sodium in my tank?

Any insight, or suggestions would be great.

Basking in Florida,