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Hard water and softening pillows

>If you leave it alone all you'll need to adjust is your pH. Use CO2 to do
>this. It's that simple. Simple is good.
>My GH is 24. KH is about 8. You'll need to use CO2 to drop your pH down to
>7.2 or so.
>But if you want to climb Mt Everest to get across the street that's fine by
>me:) I won't try to sell you a RO unit or a softener. Learning how to use
>CO2 is about 75% of this hobby and can trace most of folk's problem to this
>one thing.
>Tom Barr

So how much CO2 should I be injecting via DIY Coke bottles?  By the scale
available on the Krib, my CO2 levels are roughly 20-22ppm right now, which
seem to be in the acceptable range.  Right now I have one bottle going, but
I have it set up so I can add another bottle rather easily.  Should I add
this second bottle?  Should I invest in a CO2 test to get more accurate
measurements or just go by the chart on the Krib?  From what it seemed my
parameters are off the chart abit.  in order to adjust the PH to 7.2 from
7.6 should I increase the CO2 or lower it?

BTW, thank you for  all the help, you and all the list have provided.  I
can't seem to read enough these days to answer all my questions, and after I
find one answer another question seems to come from it, never-ending and
steep learning curve for now.

We put the Duh in Florida,