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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #889

Okay, Cause I used 2 cups of sugar, 1/4th tsp of fleischman's dry active
yeast, and adding 1.5ML of Kent FW, and my bottle's been going since
Feburary 23rd which makes it a total of 15 days I think. I also have it
heated in a bucket full of water at 78F, it seems like it's still going
pretty strong, and I've added 4x the dosage of kent previously to my fish
tank since my new diy solution, and the plants are growing like weeds,
hygro's and anachris are growing like mad, jungle val has actually spread
runners, my micro sword is starting to thickin, and java moss is finally
started to sprout new leaves, so now i add .1 ppm daily to the tank. Though
I'm not certain which causes the DIY to last longer, heat or the addition of
iron, it has definitly kept up a steady pace unlike all my solutions in the
past. Usually they would die at around 10-14 days maximum.What other recipes
have you heard that'll keep the batch lasting longer? I've heard of like
adding iron and other trace elements, and ammonia.

- Matt

> Hello:
> I use 2 cups sugar, 1/2 tsp Fleischman Rapid Rise yeast and a pinch of
> baking soda, mixed with warm tap water.  It starts working almost right
> and spends, oh, a couple of hours pushing the water out of the airline
> before CO2 bubbles out.
> I've never had a bottle last longer than 2 weeks, but I suspect now that
> I've had a leak all along so I'm curious to see how long my latest batch
> will last.  I've read all kinds of recipes to keep batches going longer
> I guess I'm just too lazy to investigate.
> I also don't know the exact temperature of my mix but the ambient air
> temperture in my house is about mid to high 60s in the winter.
> Chin See Ming
> Portland, OR