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Re: Anachris melting

Anyone have experience with Anachris (I think "Elodea

When I bought a bunch of stalks one month ago they was
very robust looking, with big leaves.  After planting
they started growing like crazy.  After shooting up,
the leaves very quickly started shrinking.  Now all
the shoots are long and skinny with little, sparse
leaves.  Furthermore, some of them uprooted and I saw
that many stalks had never developed any roots and the
bottoms were just rotting/melting.

Anyone have any idea what type of deficiency would
cause this?  I am guessing that they used up something
quickly.  I dose TMG and N03.  Hygrophilia and vals
are doing great.  There was no algae on these although
I do have some floating algae spores in the water.

Probably something obvious I have overlooked?

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