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DIY automatic water changer

Hi all,

I'm looking to build an automatic water changing system for my 55 gallon
discus/plant tank. I am planning on getting a larger 6'x2'x2' tank soon and
I would like to be able to re-use some of the components.

My current tank has a canister filter and an Aquaclear 200. What I am
thinking of doing is building a wet/dry filter with a sump. This means I
will finally be able to put my CO2 reactor out of sight. I plan to purchase
two overflow boxes - one for the tank and one for the sump. The idea is that
I can pump fresh water into the tank and as the sump water level rises due
to the extra water the sump will overflow into the drain through the second
overflow box.

I will have a timed solenoid valve on the input tap water lines which will
be preset to the correct temperature using ball valves. Since my water has
chloramine I plan on slowly passing this water through a large carbon filter
before allowing it to enter the tank. I plan on adding water probably twice
a day.

Has anyone set up an automatic system like this? I have seen a few of the
ones mentioned on this list but none of them seem to work exactly this way.
I have never had a trickle filter before so if something obvious is wrong
with this scenario please let me know.


Rob Keniger

big bang solutions

<mailto:rob at bigbang_net.au>