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Re: MTS die off

> It has been the curious loss of my MTS that has prompted me to post. I have
> searched the archives, the Krib, etc. and have not found any answers to this
> problem. The MTS are most like;y completely dead in my planted 55 gal. tank.
> I have two 10 gal. tanks with healthy MTS populations. H2O parameters are

> What's going on?? Any help would be appreciated. I read that Chuck Gadd had
> a similar experience. Was there any resolution to this?

I never did figure out what caused my MTS die off.   Mine were definitely ALL
gone.  Not caused by any snail-eating fish.   I reintroduced a handful, and
they are completely back and thriving again.  

My water is soft (6dGH, 3dKH), with CO2 injection.    Shortly after the MTS
die off, I did have some problem with stem plants dying off, and I pulled all
the plants in half the tank, and vacuumed the substrate on one half very 
heavily.   I intended to do the other half, but never got around to it.  
Everything is doing very well in there now.   The same water is used in my 29g, 
and in a 10g.   The MTS have never died out in the 29g or 10g.   Neither of
those tanks use CO2 injection.   

Chuck Gadd