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re: T-8 lamp and ballast questions (Looooong post)


The payback is pretty good, really.  At $.81/month per
shop light, the savings add up pretty quick.  If I buy
2 lamp models, the re-fit pays for itself in 2 years. 
If I go with the 4-lamp model and use it on two nearby
shop lights, the re-fit pays for itself in 1.5 years. 

I am intrigued by Ivo Busko's reflector measurements. 
using the data from the white paper reflector (910
lux) and the triton enhancer (1680 lux), I get some
interesting ideas.  The triton enhancer gives 1.85
times the light as compared to the white paper
diffuser.  If my T-8s actually deliver 106% of the
light of the T-12s, then I can replace a shop light
with one T-8 in a triton enhancer and get 98% of the
light for only 32% of the energy costs compared to the
T-12 shoplight.  That is assuming that my shoplight
approximates the white paper diffuser.  That’s a
pretty good savings.  

I searched the net for information on reflectors for
fluorescent lights.  A few sites claimed to have
reflectors that did just that.  The sales pitch went
like this – Replace your current T-12 fluorescent
fixtures with our T-8 fixture and you can use half the
bulbs for the same lighting levels and save over 50%
in energy costs.

Hmm...  Any thoughts, anyone?


newellcr at yahoo_com

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