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Re: Malayan Trumpet Snail die off

>Date: Fri, 09 Mar 2001 16:58:47
>From: "allan Mlodick" <allangm at hotmail_com>
>Subject: RE:RE: MTS die off
>Hi Gitte,
>Thansk for the response. As to your question of snail eating fish, the only
>two occupants I have that may be snail eaters are a 4 in. Khulii and 5 in.
>Dojo loach.
>The snails died off rapidly, from >1000 to 0 in 2 weeks.

have you dug around in the substrate?  Once my loaches realized that snails
were yummy, the MTS's vanished right away, but the larger ones will
occasionally surface, and the substrate is full of little ones and other
big ones.  They also venture out more at night.  Just another thought.

My other suspect would be a dramatic loss of hardness, but you don't have
that.  Did someone spill salt in the tank?  ;->

Of course, I've had a 2-week loss of snails in non-loached tanks when I've
cut back on feedings as well.


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