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Re: DIY CO2 Bottle Leakage

>One I have has been running for 16 days-a bubble
>every six seconds.


I did the same thing Hot glue gun, worked great, low cure time, and easy to

I used the standard ingredients (water, sugar, yeast) and I have set it up
so I can have two bottles going a the same time if I need that much CO.
For now I only have one bottle on there, and I'm using an airstone at the
bottom of the tank.  I have a full stream of bubbles all the time...I've
been seeing allot of post mentioning a bubble every few seconds.  I don't
know what to make of this, since I can; begin to even count the bubbles...I
am reducing the airstone to one that will always have minute bubbles for
better dissipation, but my bubbles aren't to small now, why such a marked
difference in the amount of CO being generated?  The yeast I am using is
Oetker Instant Yeast, with normal white sugar, instead of the tap water I
filtered the water first, figured the yeast would last longer without all
the Chlorine.  So far it's been going for nine days and I don't see signs of
it slowing yet..still full stream of bubbles all the time.