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Water levels during "the cycle" period.

My tank has been running for a week now.  I just tested the water for the
first time for Hardness (Kh/Gh) and was quite surprised.  Here are the
results of my tests, and input as to what they should be and how to get them
there for a community tank (37G) would be appreciated.

Nitrites= 0ppm
Ammonia= 0ppm
KH= 12dKH (214.8 ppm)
GH= 14dGH (250 ppm)

Obviously my water is...ehem...abit hard.  What is an easy and inexpensive
way to soften it to a lvl for a community tank?  Again it is still
'cycling', so I'm sure the levels will change.  Should I just go and get a
softener 'pillow'?  and if so where is this pillow placed in the tank?

Also, is my PH to high?  what is considered ideal for a community tank?

I had eight Lamp Eye Tetras to help cycle the tank, they are hardy...well
they were...as I only have two left, and two Albino Cory cats to help out on
the bottom, so far the cats are doing well.  the only thing I have noticed
is the tetras seems to twitch a little..not sure if this is normal behavior
or if it is because they are stressed.  I'm heading down to a shop tomorrow
that keeps their fish WELL taken care of to observe this species in an
established tank.  Otherwise any tips would be great.

Will the four fish I currently have left suffice to finish cycling or should
I soften the water abit and get a few more Lamp Eye Tetras..after all they
are a shoaling species, the two that remain might be stressed due to

P.S. I don't yet have a heater for the tank...but I have been checking the
temp 4 times a day for the last week, being in Florida probably helps, but
it has been between 77- 79 the entire time, even after this slight cold
spell we have had...temp outside dropped to about 65 for a couple of days.
Should my priority be getting a heater?

Basking in da Florida sun,