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Re: Michael Grace's comments on tank photos

>I was wondering if you might give us a few more
>details.  Stupid question: white paper?  

If I remember correctly I believe I used white construction paper, which is
heavier than _normal_ paper.  I suppose you could use colored, black, or
multiple layers of white, if needed.

>What kind of film?  Did you use a remote flash or
>flood light to fill in shadows lower down in the tank?
>I thought your tank photos (as well as the tank)
>looked pretty good, and I want to know exactly what
>you did.  

First, which photos are you referring to?  The 2.5 gallon photos I offered
recently, or those that were entered in the AGA contest?  I didn't need the
paper trick for the 2.5 gallon photos, but I did use it to diffuse the light
over the group of Sunset hygrophila in the contest photos.  I never really
had good luck with my film camera, despite many attempts with different film
and camera settings.  My lack of photography knowledge probably explains
most of my problems :)  Since getting my Olympus digital camera I have had
very good luck getting quality photos with very few attempts.  I use only
the light over the tank, no flash or fill lights.  The Olympus allows me to
bracket the exposure up or down several stops.  I usually find that the best
photos are those that are bracketed one or two stops down, otherwise they
are overexposed.

>I had the same problem that has been described here. 
>The Mayaca under my PCF looked all whited out.  My
>tank looks really nice now, and I want to show it off.
>The last batch of pictures didn't look so hot.
>Thanks, Cavan

Sorry I don't have any tips for film cameras.  I don't think I would have
ever gotten decent photos if I had not purchased my digitial camera.
Personally I highly recommend them.  Others have trouble parting with their
phonographs :)

Mike Grace